What do rice crispies and Glacier have in common?

I was looking for silence (in all the wrong places apparently!) in the middle of New York City and desperately needing to regenerate my sense of calm. The screaming sirens and endless whirl of cars, trucks and busses, in addition to the endless throngs of people talking loudly into their cell phones created an exhausting daily environment. My usual antidote was a dose of nature, but in some parts of the city there is little of that to be found. So I turned my search for silence to the internet. Can’t everything be Googled? Surely I will find silence in the depths of the ‘net.

My search was rewarded with a stunning soundtrack and pictures of glacier from a Brooklyn-based artist, Zaria Forman, whose work deals with disappearing ice.

Check out this website featuring her amazing soundtrack of rice crispies, uh, I mean Glacier melt!


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