Mindful Communities

Over the past several semesters, we’ve had the great pleasure of meeting local colleagues teaching mindfulness across the curriculum, several of them at Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn Campus. In March, Pratt’s Center for Career and Professional Development is convening a two-day summit on mindfulness in student affairs, the details of which can be found by following the link below.

What Brings You Here? Mindfulness & Contemplative Practice in Student Affairs


Professor Molly Beauregard – who gave a talk at one of our faculty workshops – will be there to discuss her recently published book, Tuning the Student Mind: A Journey in Consciousness-Centered Education.

We look forward to widening our circle of colleagues doing meaningful work and hope to see some of you there. Reach out to either one of us.

A Practice Guide for Educators

Welcome back, all. As you prepare your lessons, intellectual exercises, and other joint endeavors this semester, we thought you might find the following guide helpful in integrating some mindfulness practices in the classroom. The guide provides prompts for a variety of reflective, text-based, and sensory experiences. In addition to the Mindful Moments facilitated by Dr. Edington, we look forward to hosting a few mini workshops this semester focused on mindful pedagogy.